3D Printer Gets a Little More Ink


3D Printer Gets a Little More Ink

Sundt’s 3D printer is receiving more attention from the Arizona media.

The November issue of Greater Phoenix In Business magazine features the printer’s use in production of the jacket for our 125th anniversary book. The jacket was a test run of our 3D printer and depicts jobs we have completed arranged in a fictional “Sundt City,” including a bridge that connects the two halves of the jacket. The book celebrates significant projects from our first 125 years.

The printer’s use in producing the jacket was also featured in an AZ Big Media article in September.

Preconstruction work usually involves building information models, which include flat digital representations of physical and functional characteristics. A 3D model helps building owners better envision their completed projects through more realistic interpretations. 3D printers also further our ability to produce unique facilities, a priority for clients who want their projects to stand out.