When Sony Electronics decided to relocate its North American corporate headquarters from New York to San Diego, it faced major challenges. Starting from a blank slate, Sony had 26 months from design to opening, leaving just 18 months to construct the 450,000-square-foot, 11-story building with a 1,400-car parking structure.


Since the only constant in the electronics industry is rapid change and innovation, Sony wanted a facility that was collaborative and adaptable to whatever tomorrow might bring. It also wanted an inspiring facility to help attract and retain great talent. The final structure featured 40,000-square-foot floor plates and an impressive top floor featuring multiple eateries and great views.


Sundt and our joint venture partner were able to deliver a successful project thanks largely to our ability to self-perform work. One of the team’s early keys to success was meeting the challenges of the mat slab pour. A major concrete pour consisting of more than 4,100 cubic yards kicked off at 1:00 on a Saturday morning. The early start was necessary to ensure a continuous supply of concrete. Because there were no construction joints, the pour had to take place in a single day to complete the 40,000-square foot, three-foot-thick foundation.


Our self-perform capability and collaboration with the project’s designers were crucial later in the project when Sony needed in-progress changes, including moving the fitness center from the tower to the top of the six-story parking structure. The change was made with no impact to the fast track schedule.


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