Dealing with building inspectors can have its challenges; dealing with the “KGB” is something else. When the U.S. first attempted to build a new American embassy in Moscow in 1979, work had to be terminated when it was discovered that the structure was completely infested with listening devices. Sundt was part of a joint venture team charged with demolishing the top floors of the structure and adding several new ones that were secure, while under the watchful eyes of the Russian government.


All materials and equipment – even nails and carpet – were purchased in the U.S. “in the blind” and stored in a secure location before being inspected and shipped to Moscow, where everything was inspected again.


The work crews removed nearly everything that remained of the bugged building before shrouding the site with tarps. All the while, Russian spies were busy filming and eavesdropping on the construction activities.


Sundt and our partners took unprecedented precautions to prevent the new building from being compromised and delivered a facility of utmost importance for U.S. national security. We delivered perfect precision on a project where even one security breach would spell total failure.


U.S. Embassy Executive Office Building - Moscow, Russia


U.S. Department of State