Collector’s Edition

Collector’s Edition


Sundt was contracted as Construction Manager at Risk to build a facility at the Scottsdale Airpark in Arizona for a private owner who has a love of collecting unusual cars and airplanes. Most importantly, he wanted to create a distinctive landmark.


We were selected for this unusual project because of our expertise in concrete, attention to detail, and commitment to the project. Sundt joined the project when design was approximately 20 percent complete. This gave us the opportunity to provide considerable input on how to achieve the owner’s vision, as this was his dream project and he wanted to build an iconic facility.


Scottsdale Hangar One sits on five acres and features a private terminal for the owner’s and clients’ pilots, a hangar for the owner’s four airplanes, another hangar for clients’ planes, and a showroom/storage/maintenance facility for his collection of classic cars.


We worked with the architect hand-in-hand to come up with constructability ideas to build concepts from the owner’s wildest imagination while still being financially responsible. The team tackled a number of unique challenges with creative solutions, as nothing was standard; everything about the project was custom.


With materials from all over the world requiring extra-long lead times, and elements that demanded innovative solutions – such as a giant aluminum “paper airplane” attached to the roof – the project demanded the right contractor to achieve its successful completion. And we delivered, finishing the job under budget and on time.


Airmore, LLC


Scottsdale Hangar One