Things change and that is the only constant, especially with regard to how construction work is procured. Sundt has been a leader in defining and forging today’s models for alternate project delivery methods (APDM). Often working with industry organizations, we have helped states write new procurement rules to evolve our industry to better meet customers’ needs. During the crazy growth of the 2000s, some owners were finding that lowest price design-bid-build models created bad projects and longer term nightmares. So construction procurement had to evolve and accelerated adoption of new models, such as Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR), were needed. Further, as ENR magazine noted, “the maturing of new delivery technologies, such as Building Information Modeling and virtual design and construction work best in a collaborative setting, causing owners to look more closely at alternate project delivery.” Other APDM methods that have gained in popularity include multiple prime contracting, design-build, and the latest, integrated project delivery.


Fort Polk Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing, Fort Polk, La.; Richard E. Arnason Justice Center, Pittsburg, Calif.; Valley Hi North Laguna Library, Sacramento, Calif.; University of California, Davis Graduate School of Management and Conference Center, Davis, Calif.