In some areas of California, earthquake damage to a building is not a question of if, but when and how severe. Sundt and our partners helped develop an affordable solution to repairing earthquake damage: a truss system that absorbs seismic energy while maintaining its gravity load carrying capacity. The system is revolutionary because it allows owners to replace only those segments of a building that have been damaged, whereas previous systems required that a building be completely demolished and rebuilt. The truss system also brings other advantages compared with traditional moment frame and brace frame structures, including easy access, cost and time savings, and improved performance levels.


Sundt first used this approach for the four-story, 84,000-square-foot Gateway Oaks IV office building in Sacramento, where it was essential to the owner that the project be completed quickly to allow for early leasing. This system provided cost savings in material and shop fabrication and in erection (because it weighs approximately 20 percent less than wide-flange beams capable of carrying the same gravity loads) and reduced materials costs by 30 percent. The system also eliminated the need for full penetration welds, saving time as well as welding and inspection costs. Shop drawing time was also dramatically reduced and fabrication time was cut in half.


On Gateway Oaks IV, using this innovative product accelerated the project schedule by two months, allowing early occupancy and additional savings to the owner.


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Gateway Oaks IV