While trains can travel hundreds of miles at a stretch, occasionally they do need to refuel and undergo maintenance. Union Pacific Railroad in El Paso, Texas, had to carve a city from the desert 20 miles away in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, to solve this issue.


The new facility serves as an important point for the movement of goods hundreds of miles from Los Angeles to El Paso. Building an almost 12-mile-long “gas station” created many challenges for Sundt. The new facility required 26 initial buildings including crew change points, fueling stations, yard offices, intermodal facilities, and all of the other buildings on the site as well as the tracks and utilities.


We solved many of the challenges associated with working in such a remote area by self-performing much of the complex work and utilizing our in-house expertise.


The economic impact of the Strauss Rail Yard on the New Mexico economy is estimated at $500 million per year, creating approximately 3,000 jobs by the end of construction and eventually being the headquarters for more than 600 permanent jobs.


Union Pacific Railroad Company


Strauss Rail Yard