Technology and defense are always evolving; as a result, so are defense contractors. When Hughes Missile Systems (now Raytheon) needed to fortify its missile business, the company realized that a concentration of forces made sense. The decision was to consolidate research and development, manufacturing and administration from three multi-state facilities to a single location in Tucson, Arizona. Creating a single location would encourage researchers, builders and business leaders to collaborate. But due to the nature of the defense industry, such a facility had to have very different types of work spaces and systems, and had to be layered with varying levels of security and access.


The project was a combination of major tenant improvements, renovation (about 1.2 million square feet) and some new construction. All of the work had to be done while Hughes continued full missile manufacturing operations under its contracts with the Department of Defense, with only one building built from the ground up. And, as always, speed mattered.


To meet this challenge, Sundt took a unique approach to scheduling and staffing. We drew resources from every division in the company (a first for us) to address the different, complex needs of the facility and ultimately exceeded the owner’s expectations in its delivery.


Hughes Missile Systems Company


Consolidated Facility