After the Los Angeles City Hall sustained significant damage during an earthquake in 1971, Sundt and a joint venture partner were given the unusual and challenging job of repairing the badly cracked shell. How to do it affordably, without interrupting city business, called for a bold and innovative solution.


Renovation and repair work on the historic, 50-year-old building began in September 1972, and right away the team discovered that repairing the cracked exterior was no simple matter. After careful evaluation, we decided to use a thick, foam-like substance developed for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, pumping it under pressure into holes spaced 18 inches apart over the entire face above the fourth floor of the 26-story building. As the foam hardened, it acted as a filler for the cracks and bonded the masonry and terra cotta surfaces, which had separated during the quake.


City of Los Angeles


Los Angeles City Hall