Sundt completed a challenging $70 million modernization project for the University of California, Berkeley in 2010. The university’s aging Clark Kerr Campus is a 50-acre complex located approximately one quarter mile southeast of Berkeley’s central campus. The site was used in the 1920s-1950s as a school for the blind, and is listed in its entirety on the National Register of Historic Places. After the university purchased the property, it had the dual goal of creating a campus housing complex for more than 800 undergraduate students, while preserving the heritage of the building and its built form.


The project was challenging, since crews had to work in a very tight physical space while preserving historical features, such as the roof tiles, which had to be removed and cleaned by hand before being replaced. The same was true with the windows and door frames. Even some of the concrete was historic and had to be covered with plywood to protect it during construction.


University of California, Berkeley


Clark Kerr Campus Renewal