No one wants to live in a traditional healthcare environment. Senior living developers know that and they also know that while their facilities need to look like high-end resorts, they need to function like healthcare facilities. Additionally, they need to be highly adaptable to constantly changing models for delivering services and market trends. Implementing those unique strategies in a cost effective way, however, requires the expertise of a contractor with strong backgrounds in both hospitality and healthcare construction.


Sundt helps owners create senior living facilities that consider both form and function. Decorative doors may look like they belong in an upscale hotel, but they’re cleverly designed to open wide enough to accommodate a gurney. Lighting fixtures that look warm and residential emit strong, institutional-quality light. “Therapeutic” patios may look like the designer only had relaxation in mind, but in fact every square inch was thoughtfully planned to help stimulate the senses of memory care patients.


Resident rooms centered around living rooms with fireplaces and home-style kitchens feel more “homey.” But carefully woven into the design – and invisible to the untrained eye – are many ways to maximize efficiency and ensure compliance with the health codes and life safety regulations that apply to commercial facilities. Smaller, less institutional settings help residents feel less anxious and intimidated and they’re also more efficient for staff and therefore more cost-effective to operate.


Carlton Plaza of Elk Grove Senior Living and Carlton Plaza of Davis