It was business as usual for passengers and employees at Tucson International Airport when Sundt helped the Tucson Airport Authority complete a major expansion that more than doubled the airport’s capacity to eight million passengers per year. The extensive construction took place without interfering with the airport’s normal operations. In fact, passengers barely knew we were there.


We enlarged the 750-foot-long terminal by adding 70 feet to its entire north side. That meant partially demolishing the original upper roadway and expanding two levels of the terminal, including ticketing and baggage claim areas. The team also built an enclosed passenger link to the car rental facility and constructed a new deplaning roadway.


To remain behind the scenes as much as possible, the project was broken into three phases over 32 months. First, the team worked on the center portion and then the east and west sections. We installed temporary walls and floors to route passengers through the construction zones, allowing us to remain behind the scenes and ensure everyone’s safety. Day crews worked behind the walls, while night crews observed extremely strict schedules while working in public areas to make certain we were out of sight and out of mind when ticket functions resumed as normal each morning. We also used an extensive system of “hot taps” to upgrade the piping system to the heating and air conditioning without turning off the water and shutting down the entire system – critical in Tucson’s brutal summer heat.



Tucson Airport Authority


Tucson International Airport Renovations