Sundt transformed a site that contained a retired landfill in Tucson, Arizona, into urban infill that is now home to a LEED Platinum® commercial building. Finding a cost-effective way to transform the environmental hazard into a sustainable, attractive office facility involved a number of challenges and innovative solutions:


• The site was surrounded by developed properties. Great care was taken to avoid disturbing them during dirt remediation.


• Not all of the excavated material had to be removed and disposed. We used 3D laser scanning combined with Building Information Modeling to calculate how much salvageable material would be left over from the pit after excavation so as much as possible could be retained and reused, thereby saving money for the owner.


• One of the biggest challenges was planning the complex logistics of excavating the pit and then building the structure, which included a multi-level parking garage.


• Another challenge: quantifying the material that would need to be put back into the site as the building was constructed.


• Understanding and managing how the leftover excavated material (to put back into the site later) would impact the site and neighbors was also very complex. The chosen approach involved storing the material on site (to avoid offsite storage costs), with an emphasis on minimizing the number of times it had to be moved as the pit was excavated (to save on labor costs). At the same time, the team kept the mounds of stored dirt out of view from neighbors as much as possible.


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