Every project has a single perfect point where manufacturing and construction assembly align to maximize value. That singular point in detention centers shifts significantly depending on the specific parameters of the project. Over the last decade, Sundt has manufactured entire prison cells, tilt-up panels, and plumbing and sewer assemblies. We have been at the forefront of evaluating a project by components in order to assemble it into multiple “modules,” looking for innovations to each module. As an example, on one detention project in California, in lieu of traditional offsite pre-cast panels, we figured out how to stack-cast the panels (three panels, one on top of the other), eliminating shipping and the chance for damage.


Modularization has led to a higher quality product and a shorter schedule. At another California detention center project, as foundations and slab-on-grade were placed, pre-cast cells and panels were well underway. Also, plumbing and sewer assemblies were fabricated off-site in a high quality, efficient environment. This added quality, reduced cost and shortened the schedule for the owner.




Multiple detention projects