Time is money, there’s no doubt about that. It’s especially true for mines, where owners need a revenue stream as soon as possible to offset program investments. Molybdenum, or “Moly,” as it’s commonly referred to, is a byproduct of copper production. It can bring a huge return on investment because it has multiple uses in steel, petroleum and other industrial applications – turning waste from copper production into revenue.


When a mining client hired Sundt to build a complex project for a new Moly plant, we had three challenges: a tight schedule, complicated logistics and a limited budget.


Effective management of labor production rates would be vital to maintain the project schedule and budget.


We achieved the overall task by using new technology to integrate production analysis, procurement analysis and critical path management. These technologies include Building Information Modeling, P6 schedule software and HeavyJob (a productivity analysis software). Combined, these tools allowed the team to provide instantaneous analysis of the project’s schedule and costs. As a result, the client was able to meet its production goals and generate revenue right on schedule.




Mining Project