In the time it typically takes to define the scope of a project and develop working drawings, Raytheon Missile Systems asked Sundt to design-build a 17,000-square-foot conference center on its campus in Tucson, Arizona. On January 27, 1999, Raytheon issued Sundt the challenge to deliver the new facility in time for use on April 1. Sundt accepted.


Construction began on February 1 with only a preliminary drawing on an 8 ½ by 11-inch sheet of paper, but the time crunch (and lack of working drawings) wasn’t the only challenge. The site was constricted by surrounding manufacturing buildings and associated vehicular and pedestrian traffic. There was virtually no storage space for equipment and materials. Raytheon also had a secure campus with tight restrictions. It required security clearance for every worker on site and searches of people and vehicles every time they came through the gate, which added time to every activity from shift changes to equipment and material delivery. Sundt set up around-the-clock operations to perfectly time work and deliveries around Raytheon’s existing operations.


Thanks to a commitment to the client’s goal, the team delivered its vision with a 360-seat conference center featuring a state-of-the-art audio/visual system that included satellite hook-ups for international coverage, four smaller break-out rooms, offices, kitchen, and bathroom facilities in just 55 days. Occupancy was turned over to Raytheon on Sunday, March 27 – four days ahead of the April 1 deadline.





Raytheon Missile Systems, Inc.