Baby, it’s cold outside … especially in North Dakota and New York in the winter time. While building more than 1,000 new military family housing units at Grand Forks Air Force Base (AFB) in North Dakota and Fort Drum in New York, Sundt found ways to work around brutal winter weather.


The compressed construction season – April through November – meant work had to be performed with lightning speed and precision. Sundt’s team identified several innovative approaches to the projects to shorten the overall schedule while enhancing quality, without adding cost.


At Grand Forks Air Force Base, we used insulated concrete forms to construct the foundations instead of using traditional wooden forms. The rigid foam blocks are quicker to install and remain in place after the foundation is poured to provide additional insulation.


To save time, Sundt used a laser-guided screed during construction of the homes’ floor slabs, which sped up concrete placement and produced a more level surface. The team also employed concrete pumps to place the concrete – another time­saving solution.

Project Location

Fort Drum, N.Y.