The University of Southern California (USC) needed to grow and expand its school of law, but land is scarce and expensive in Los Angeles. Because it had limited options for where to put the new Gould School of Law, USC was faced with a common quandary: renovate, add on, or tear down and rebuild? What was really needed was a sophisticated options analysis — the power to price and evaluate several different design options to create the best possible solution.


Sundt has developed our own system of parametric modeling that generates detailed cost estimates and a three-dimensional project model of any and all options. Working together with officials from USC, we used this technology to find the optimal solution that balanced cost and design parameters while still leaving opportunity for the architect to design an inspirational space.


By simply adjusting building features within the model, Sundt created horizontal, vertical, tear down, and renovation scenarios for the client to consider. Because we showed USC in detail, and in very little time, what the cost impacts of each variable would be, officials were confident that they could make an accurate, fact-based decision.


University of Southern California


Gould School of Law