How do you keep a strategic location in the Air Force Global Strike Command functioning during a runway repair/replacement project so that it could respond to a national security emergency on a moment’s notice? Creative scheduling and an unsurpassed commitment to success and client satisfaction – no matter the obstacles. That was how Sundt approached our project at Minot Air Force Base in Minot, North Dakota, home to one of only two squadrons of B-52 “Stratofortress” Bomber aircraft. One of the team’s first tasks was to pave and stripe a nearby taxiway to turn it into a temporary, emergency runway (which luckily was never needed). Once the B-52 squadron was removed from the base, and the ground was sufficiently thawed, Sundt began excavation and grading with our own crews. From there work proceeded at breakneck speed in order to complete the project by the contractual completion date just six months later.


Keeping the base functional while meeting an aggressive schedule wasn’t the project’s only challenge. Remoteness also played a role in keeping the team on its toes. One of their solutions was to set up a concrete batch plant adjacent to the runway, where our own workforce mixed and placed the concrete and aggregate base.




Minot Air Force Base Runway


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers