When resort owners are battling for market position a single season is significant. This was the issue the Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale faced. In Arizona, resorts are seasonal businesses, and beating competing projects to market can drive a developer’s pro forma. Sundt was able to deliver the Westin Kierland Resort project in November, five months ahead of schedule, allowing Westin to enter the market a full season ahead of competing upscale properties.


To achieve this schedule, we had to build all of the resort’s facilities simultaneously and coordinate the logistics of everything being delivered to the right place at the right time.


The facility features a 750,000-square-foot main hotel with 750 guestrooms in a multi-story building ranging from 4-12 stories. We constructed another 32 suites in four separate casita buildings totaling an additional 37,000 square feet. The facility also includes a fitness spa and golf clubhouse with a pool and bar.


The main hotel incorporates a ballroom and meeting rooms. The project included an elaborate site development and landscape package that features a rambling river, several swimming pools and spectacular fountains.


Woodbine Southwest Corporation


Westin Kierland Resort