Today, you can hardly get through a day without touching a myriad of computers. In the early 1970s, they barely existed, but Sundt and NASA had something big in common. Both were using a sophisticated new planning and scheduling software program called Artemis to accomplish their missions. While NASA was using Artemis to launch rockets, Sundt was advancing the construction industry by being one of the very first contractors in the nation to use it to schedule construction projects with Critical Path Scheduling.


Artemis (originally Artemis Project Management System) and its sister product, Apollo, were the first large-scale project management systems available on mini-computers (versus mainframes). Together, they are recognized as the world’s first commercially successful relational database system. The genius of Artemis is that it brought together project planning and scheduling with the means to control cost and manage resources.


Sundt adopted Artemis Scheduling Software in the early 1970s.