To replace a bridge over Interstate 10 just north of San Antonio, Sundt developed a value engineering proposal to replace the original structural steel girder design with precast concrete girders. The proposed design was less expensive (with savings of approximately 12 percent of the total contract) and, at 164 feet long, the girders were the longest precast, pre-stressed concrete bridge girders in the history of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).


The busy interstate was closed for a mere five hours while the first nine girders were installed. They were transported approximately 40 miles to the site from the precast concrete plant the morning of the installation, then set into place with two hydraulic cranes in less than two hours (about 12 minutes per girder).


The girders’ size and cost benefits, combined with their successful (and quick) installation, turned a potential traffic stopper into a real show stopper. The team planned every aspect of the installation operations well in advance so they went smoothly, safely and with minimal effects on motorists. When it was time to install the remaining girders, the operation was a well-oiled machine.





Bexar County Interstate 10 Overpass


Texas Department of Transportation