Install 12,000 linear feet of large-diameter storm drain in the center of Northern Avenue, one of the City of Glendale, Arizona’s, busiest streets without disrupting traffic or utility services to people and businesses along the route? Can do. And make sure the drain pipe also is between (and at a lower depth than) two existing utilities? You got it. And do it in less time to reduce cost? Done.


To install this kind of pipe, Sundt needed to dig trenches and shore them for safety to keep the trench from caving in on workers. While it significantly improves safety, trench shoring is a tedious process of installing, removing and reinstalling as utilities are placed and dirt is filled back in the trench. This can add up to a lot of work hours, thereby increasing a project’s total cost.


The challenging conditions spurred our idea to apply the concepts of a then newly developed product known as slide rail shoring to a linear trench condition. Slide rail shoring is commonly used when a pit is excavated by sliding the panels into integrated rails on the posts, then pushing the panels and posts incrementally down to grade as the pit is dug, a process referred to as a “dig and push” system. Applying the slide rail shoring system to this horizontal project allowed us to continually protect the critical utilities while excavating and backfilling the large diameter storm drain pipe in the middle of Northern Avenue – all without closing the roadway to traffic.


City of Glendale


Northern Avenue Storm Drain