The Solano Solar Generating Station near Gila Bend, Arizona, became the largest parabolic trough plant in the world, and the first U.S. solar plant with molten salt thermal energy storage, when it was completed in 2013.


The first challenge, as always when creating a first-of-its-kind facility, was how to create the right foundation. Sundt performed the foundation work for the groundbreaking facility’s tanks, cooling towers, pipe supports, turbine generators and substation equipment. This included building and installing foundations for the project’s 12 140-foot-diameter salt tanks. The massive tanks reach approximately 45 feet into the air and the foundations extend 18 feet below ground, where they are surrounded and secured by soil cement.


Completing this involved collaborative planning processes, having the experience to know the local ground conditions, and the necessary horsepower. Solana is the largest parabolic trough plant in the world.



Solano Solar Generating Station


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