Statement Piece

Statement Piece


Typical suburban communities don’t have strong city centers. That’s something officials in the City of Chandler, Arizona, wanted to change when they envisioned building a new city hall in the community’s historic downtown to bring density and infill development to the area while promoting a pedestrian friendly, walkable community. The City of Chandler had been leasing space in a commercial office building to operate city hall functions for years. The foremost goals of this project were to create a building that made a strong statement for the community, bring needed density back to the city center, and act as a catalyst for future mixed-use development.


Sundt bid the project using only design development drawings. Working closely with the designers and the owner, we established a Guaranteed Maximum Price at that early stage and held to that number throughout the 17-month project. The work area was extremely tight, with four acres of buildings on a five-acre site. There were sometimes just 25 feet between neighboring businesses and construction activities. To deal with the challenges of the tight site, we incorporated our resources and expertise, including Lean Construction Scheduling techniques.


Chandler City Hall supports the city’s “green building” initiative by incorporating sustainable and energy efficient features to save on long- term operations and maintenance costs. For example, the building’s HVAC system recycles water into a gray water system and a striking public art feature provides shading. The facility is certified LEED Gold® by the U.S. Green Building Council.


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Chandler City Hall