When Hurricane Sandy pummeled the East Coast in 2012, the storm damaged the utility infrastructure and several buildings at Naval Weapons Station (NWS) Earle in Colts Neck, New Jersey. Most of the damage occurred along NWS Earle’s 2.9-mile-long pier complex, where the weapons station carries out its mission to safely deliver ordnance to U.S. Navy warships. In 2014, Sundt began a project to reverse the damage from Sandy while readying the weapons station, specifically the pier complex, for the next 100-year storm event. NWS Earle is one of only two naval installations on the East Coast with this ordnance mission, which makes our project especially important and critical to keeping the world’s sea lanes open.


Utilizing the design-build delivery method – with its emphasis on early collaboration between the owner, architect and contractor — allowed for a number of opportunities for us to suggest improvements to the project. We remodeled how the utilities are delivered to prevent future failures, suggested cost savings approaches for the concrete planks and worked carefully to protect the sensitive marine environment.


U.S. Navy


Naval Weapons Station Earle Pier Repair