Sundt helped achieve an important “first” in California’s push to be more environmentally friendly: we constructed the new Con­rad Prebys Aztec Student Union at San Diego State University, the state’s first ever LEED Platinum® certified student center, a student-funded, therefore student-driven, initiative.


The three-story facility uses 40 percent less water and energy than similar buildings of its size, while accommodating 30,000 students across 205,582 square feet of space. It serves as the university’s hub for meeting, socializing and studying.

Keeping in line with sustainable construction practices, we recycled and reused nearly 80 percent of the materials from the original building that was demolished to make way for the project. The new student union also boasts the latest in green building features, including:


• Solar panels to convert sunlight to energy

• Rooftop vegetation garden to lower greenhouse gas emissions

• Underground water storage tanks to recycle water runoff from storms

• Radiant flooring system of concrete structural slabs to provide heating and cooling mass

• Pervious paving to reduce water runoff and pollutants

• Natural lighting to minimize dependence on artificial lighting

• Operable windows to increase ventilation effectiveness and control



San Diego State University


Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union