Concrete controls the job, as they say, and there’s no better way to control the quality, safety and schedule of a project than to perform the concrete construction with your own highly skilled crews. Sundt’s ability to self-perform complex, large-scale concrete work with care and precision made these two projects – one public, one private – enormously successful for their owners and occupants.


The seven-story Pima County Downtown Service Center in Tucson, Arizona, sits on top of exceptionally sandy soil, which would have made it difficult (and costly) to construct a traditional foundation formed around drilled caissons. Instead, the team opted for a compensating mat slab foundation situated 25 feet below grade to support the weight of the building. Spanning just over an acre, the five-foot-thick slab required more than 7,500 cubic yards of concrete – necessitating two of the largest concrete placements in Tucson’s history. All together it took a crew of 22 Sundt concrete laborers and foremen to finish the 300-plus truckloads of concrete that were placed in each pour.


Creating the new North American headquarters for Sony Electronics in San Diego, California, also began with a major concrete pour performed by our own crews. They placed and finished more than 4,100 cubic yards of concrete in just 14 hours to create a three-foot-thick slab that spans 39,000 square feet. The work was performed on a Saturday – beginning at 1:00 a.m. – to ensure adequate supply, since it used concrete from four different batch plants and required more than 400 delivery trucks.


Pima County Downtown Service Center, Tucson and Sony Electronics North American Headquarters, San Diego