How do you construct and renovate military facilities on a remote island (or an atoll, technically), with virtually no local materials and no supply chain? While it may sound like an episode of “Gilligan’s Island,” in fact this real-life challenge faced by Sundt and a joint venture partner on the tiny atoll of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean required more than great joke-writing and a laugh track. (Although Sundt’s old-timers do report that a lot of fun was had while working on this unusual project).


In the early 1990s, the U.S. Navy maintained a major support facility on Diego Garcia. The remote location meant that all materials had to be brought in by military-cleared ships or planes. In response to these challenges, we developed a detailed, highly efficient system for getting the majority of the materials shipped to the island aboard one ship rather than having it air-freighted.


Over a period of six months, materials and equipment arrived in Houston and were warehoused adjacent to a dock. Sundt commissioned the self-loading and unloading MARNI cargo ship to transport the cargo across the Atlantic, through the Suez Canal and to Diego Garcia.


Everything that was needed for this remote project had to be shipped in – which was done affordably and efficiently. Our innovative shipping plan resulted in significant savings for the U.S. Navy – and American taxpayers – in both money and time.


U.S. Navy


Diego Garcia Facility Upgrades