A challenge arose when crews needed to widen the existing U.S. 60 bridge over Lindsay Road in Phoenix. The structure was already at or near the minimum clearance for the road below, so there was no room for falsework placement, unless Sundt and its joint venture partner closed the traffic lanes below during construction. To remedy this problem, we became one of the first general contractors in Arizona to employ an innovative approach now called Cast-High-and-Lower Bridge Construction.


The process includes casting the bridge on higher falsework and, when completed, lowering it into place using jacks that are connected to the bridge’s abutment and piers. This approach enabled us to complete the bridge widening without having to close the roadway below. Thanks to this innovative idea, the project received the highest public approval rating for an Arizona highway project to date at 84 percent. Besides the support it helped garner, the innovation also allowed the team to complete the job more efficiently, saving significant time and money.


Arizona Department of Transportation


U.S. 60 Widening