To attract more neurosurgeons to its St. Joseph’s institute in Tucson, Arizona, Carondelet Health Network needed to remain on the frontier of new neuro-technology. This called for installing the breakthrough high-speed imaging system for the brain and spine, BrainSUITE iCT, that could be used in real time during surgery. Carondelet was the first to bring the system to North America. With it, Carondelet’s neurosurgeons no longer had to send surgical imaging to an outside center while the doctor and patient waited for results before determining that the surgery was complete.


The construction challenge was a recurring one in healthcare: building new facilities and technology in an “operating” environment. Sundt was asked to add a 4,100-square-foot third floor expansion. We added steel columns above existing open space, which minimized disruption. Then we added three operating rooms, sub-sterile rooms, scrub alcoves, equipment rooms and clean holding. Planning the job this way allowed the existing operating room to remain functional throughout construction.


Carondelet Health Network


Carondelet St. Joseph’s Neurosurgery Center