In 2014, Sundt used our innovative approach to scheduling to deliver an early Christmas gift to the Wichita Falls Regional Airport in Wichita Falls, Texas: its new terminal building opened on December 17, three full months ahead of schedule and right in time for the busy holiday travel season.


While a holiday completion had been planned from the start, the holiday in question was closer to Easter 2015 than Christmas 2014. That’s because the project’s owner, the City of Wichita Falls, didn’t think they had an alternative. They were resigned to construction during Christmas with completion occurring sometime in the second quarter of 2015.


Sundt and our joint venture partner used their airport construction expertise, along with their commitment to exceeding client expectations, to develop an innovative way to deliver the gift residents and visitors really wanted. While the architectural and mechanical drawings were still in design, an early release package was developed for site work, concrete, structural steel and the baggage handling system.


Moving up procurement of the baggage handling system was a key component of the overall schedule acceleration, as was taking advantage of early procurement to begin work on the portion of the design that was already completed while waiting for the rest to finish.



City of Wichita Falls


Wichita Falls Regional Airport Terminal